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Yah so I had to come back to Brussels for various irritating reasons but the great thing about it is - I had 4 days to shop. So the first day I got back one of our local shops was having a huge sale, lots of clothes were 1 EUR and the rest were 70% off their original (already low) prices. Also the faux fur and leather coats were 5 EUR each, but I managed to stop myself from buying too much because I can't physically carry heavy weights right now. I bought mainly stock for Babe Bible but I had a few things I had to keep for myself, I think I spent about 24 EUR in total. Anyway here are my bargains from the other day... And you can check out a preview of the stock I bought for resale on :)

Faux fur coat - 5 EUR
I'm such a sucker for these, yes it's huge on me, but don't you know that the bigger the sleeves, the more like an oligarch's mistress you look?

Versace for H&M Flapper Dress - 1 EUR
Bargain of the day! Even in the charity shop which had received a shipment of these that presumably just didn't sell, they were originally priced at 90 EUR. I'm guessing someone took the tag off on purpose to get it cheaper, but I picked it up from a 1 EUR bin so... it's all good! Definitely wearing this to the Gatsby themed even I'm going to with my friend from Imperial. Even though it's a bit '1920s on acid.'

Mexx Cami - 1 EUR
I just picked this up because it had orchids on it, but it's actually quite cute (for something that involves the colour yellow anyway). Think i'll wear this over a black fishnet top and be really noughties.

Faux Fur Bomber jacket - 5 EUR
I actually bought this by accident - I couldn't be bothered to explain to the cashier that it wasn't my item. But I might be able to pull it off, if only as part of a 2003 J.Lo with Hoop Earrings Halloween costume...

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