The Pop Up Shop In The Attic


Whilst I was recovering from my Pleurectomy I was stuck indoors for a good month or so, only being able to make very short outings. I really hate being bored, I had already spent all my time in hospital watching Netflix and not leaving my bed so I felt I needed to be as productive as possible during my recovery. My brain couldn't cope with the idea of sitting back down to my dissertation yet as I was still on strong pain meds, so mum and I decided to put on a vintage pop up shop in my old bedroom,

We initially scheduled this for mid December, but after my second collapse it was postponed until January. We didn't have a specific brand or style in mind and just flung everything in from the depths of our wardrobes and extensive vintage collection to see what sold, and what feedback people had about prices and our stock.

A big thank you to everyone who came and I'll be looking to do these again around Easter!

It was a success and we had a few more people through the door than we expected (we didn't make it a public event so only invited a few people) and most importantly I had the opportunity to do some (extremely informal but nonetheless valuable) market research, I've included some pictures below!

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