Just Middle Class Mum Things


(Not at all based on the favourite sayings of my own wonderful mother - Love you mum!)

"Oh god, another round robin. Oh, Barnaby is in Thailand finding himself, and Cassandra is reading Law at Cambridge" *Tosses in the bin*

"I'll go mad if I have to listen to another person discuss their Farrow & Ball colour scheme for their second home in France"

"Have you written them a thank you card?"

"Remember to take a shawl with you! It's cold outside! Or at least a pashmina!"

*Talks back to Radio 4 Presenters like they can hear and respond to them*

*At anything polyester or nylon* "Yes but your skin has to BREATHE"

"Oh look another church! No, they're not all the same inside!"

"Aunty Pam saw that you had great fun at that party last Friday on The Facebook"

"No, let's open a bottle of the good wine today"

"BBC3 demonstrates everything about why BRITAIN is BROKEN!"

*secretly reads The Daily Mail Online*

*Secretly reads The Sidebar Of Shame more than any Kardaishian-gossip hungry peer of yours*

"It's so dull when people are only able to talk about their children at dinner parties" *Talks exclusively about her children at dinner parties*

*Secretly follows Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter*

"Political correctness gone mad!"

*Is strangely obsessed with any garment of clothing made of cashmere*

"Even if we HAD an M&S food hall here your father wouldn't let me do the shopping there. *glares*"

*fancies every male BBC newsreader, suggests you should do the same*

"That  Jack Whitehall is quite handsome isn't he?"

*Shreiking* "Take your coat off or you won't feel the benefit of it when you're outside!!!"

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