Pneumothorax Recovery


There are 2 things that really suck about being discharged from hospital:

1) No one is around to reassuringly check your blood pressure, oxygen saturation level and breathing every 2 hours
2) you believe that being discharged means you are all better 

Obviously the latter isn't true - the healing process for thoracic surgery is notoriously difficult and painful. And the worst thing is whilst bed rest is the only thing you really want to do - doctors actually recommend getting active and moving and walking, to help build up your lung capacity again.

I've been trying to do a bit of both, but the weather has been very miserable and bleak in Brussels and it's not tempting to go outside in the rain. I've watched too much Gossip Girl, and I've eaten too much milk chocolate, but it's made me feel a bit betters, although I'm sure it's done nothing for my lung capacity.

I also bought myself an oximeter from (See picture) for about 20 quid, just so if I get a shooting pain I can clip it on my finger and check that my oxygen saturation levels are normal (anything under 95% could indicate a problem). So that has been a great psychological step forward because I now feel more reassured, and it is portable so I will be able to use it when I go back to London.

Yesterday I went for a walk around the block and I didn't feel any extra pain when I arrived home, as I had done before when I went for walks, so I am feeling more positive. "Baby steps" is what everyone keeps telling me but it's incredibly frustrating when you're used to be able bodies and energetic, and now all you want to do is hibernate and wake up feeling yourself again!

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