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glint shop online

(Customer is in inverted commas in the title because I technically didn't receive anything in the end!)

Okay so anyone who knows me knows that I love clothes but I very rarely spend a lot of money on them. I've grown up in a really thrifty family, so I find it super hard to spend a lot of money on anything, especially when there are so many great clothes out there that you can buy for so little money! But when I saw this dress on Glint Shop I fell in love, and I had some spare money from my allowance that month so I thought WHATEVER, I'll treat myself!

glint shop online

The dress itself is from a brand called WIA collections that is pretty well known for it's street wear, and even though I had never heard of Glint Shop, the website looks fairly professional and it had a lot of followers on Twitter and Facebook so I decided it was a safe bet!

They tried to deliver this dress to me via UPS and for some reason, out of me and the 4 other lovely ladies I live with, no one was around any of those three times to pick the dress up! This sucked, but I figured I could just be refunded for the dress (not the postage, obviously, which was like 14€ in itself!) and chalk it down to bad luck. But it wasn't that easy.

I decided to see if I could pay again for the postage and get the item redlivered and I recieved this message:

"Hi Louisa,
Ups tried to deliver your order 3 times, here the track :
1Z 8F6 144 68 XXXX XXX

Am I the only one who thinks that message has a weird tone? That's not a way to treat your customers right? Mocking them because their order is being sent back?

But whatever, I sent them an email asking if they could send it back (I would have of course paid for shipping again) - after all, I loved the dress, I mean to spend 60€ on anything I'd have to really dig it! But they didn't answer. Then I sent several emails just asking for a refund on the dress. They didn't answer, until...

"Dear Louisa,
It's impossible a refund because it's not in our policy.
Please see here :
I'm really sorry about this but it's not our fault if you don't receive the dress, we also advise you.
Please let me know if you want that we will ship back to you.
Thank you
Glint staff"

OK it does say in their policy that they don't 'do' refunds, well actually it says returns.. the policy doesn't even mentioned refunds - but as far as I know as an ecommerce entrepreneur, you can't just deny someone a refund because you feel like it. At the end of the day people are entitled to either the item that they paid for, store credit, or to get their money back. Their refund policy looks a bit on the bare side to me...

Then the final email that really annoyed me and made me decide to get the UK European Consumer Centre on their case arrived....

"Dear Louisa,
I'm sorry but we are a serious company. You pay for a dress, we shipped to you. UPS tried to delivery three
times to you and never find you.
As I said we advise you about this. We can't refund you for this reason because it's not our fault.
You can involve all the people that you want but remember that the lies on the web have a price and our
lawyers can test that we did it right .
We can ship to you the dress if you want.
Best regards

WOW... If they had kindly told me that they could ship the dress to me I may have even been OK with that... but  couldn't believe how rude this email was! Having been an online reseller for about a year, I know that this is NOT the way to treat unhappy customers. I tried to contact them on Twitter to reach a resolution, but they blocked me... Basically they were too afraid to deal with me. Now I have no dress, but I am 74€ down to a company that treated me like a child, and sent me this email which I think reads quite threateningly and kept my money that they are in no way entitled to. As a student whose family is facing medical bills running into the thousands right now, that 60€ would be a drop in the ocean but symbolically, it would mean a lot.

As it happens I phoned the Uk European Consumer Centre  who were fantastic over the phone! They looked at the website and immediately identified several ways the site was flawed. Sadly, they take ages to get any results... About a month ago I got an email to tell me that they had just handed over the case to their Spanish division (the shop is based in Barcelona.) But I won't give up on this case - because 60€ to a student in London is a LOT of money and because on principle I am so disgusted with this shops 'customer service.'

And you guessed it, if the ECC can't resolve my case and get my money back, I'm going to keep hounding them until I can at least get the dress I paid for... :)

Have you had any  bad experiences with shops online? Has it put you off buying from smaller independent shops as a result? I want to hear of your experiences!

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