Banned From FB For Sarcasm - True Story Bro


Yesterday I got banned from Facebook and had to reconfirm my identity because I was defending the fact that rape culture exists. Guess who reported me? Yeah it was a dude. A while male university student. He actually reported me because he said "Men aren't allowed to have an opinion on anything except football these days." Woah there, By your logic me having an opinion on something as a WOMAN makes you feel like you can't have one as a man? But how does me expressing my views oppress you, unless you feel threatened by me? So I responded immaturely "Yeah Dan, you're so oppressed, give me a break" - he reported me for SARCASM guys. That's how incapable he was of defending his opinion that he felt oppressed by the things that I was saying, for some bizarre reason. I even went out of my way to tell him I wasn't single-handedly blaming him for rape culture, which I felt was pretty unnecessary to explain to a rational human being with a world class university education but apparently even that wasn't enough! Anyway the argument was spawned as a result of this article, because I was saying that feminists aren't these crazy fascists screaming about rape and nothing else, and if that is what you think about feminists you should pull your head out of the ground and read about all the other amazing causes feminists are fighting for: LGBTQIA Pride, Transgender rights, against racism, against social inequality, against cultural appropriation, against the traditional concept of masculinity among many other things.

Also I feel its worth pointing out to those too irrational to see it: Feminism is a movement far too big and complex to have some sort of rule-book. There's no great feminist dictator we all bow down to, so guess what, my opinions don't speak for the opinions of all women, or all feminists - so trying to quantify us as 'one lump' of crazy just shows up your ignorance. My responses are in bold. I would have posted the Facebook conversation on here, but I didn't feel like getting banned again.  The article is in normal font and my thoughts are in bold.

Original article HERE and this is another article that I think needs to be seen

Yesterday was a bizarre day, and of all the bizarre things I did, perhaps the most strange was linking on Facebook to a post one Guardian, detailing the story of a man wrongly accused of rape. The story itself was tragic, a man whose life was ruined and who found himself humiliated and destroyed by a woman who simply found that she subsequently regretted having sex with him, a similar thing happened earlier this month with the Rolling Stone story about the rape at UVA, where a woman accused a fraternity of gang raping her, leading to the frat house being vandalised and the fraternity being suspended, it was subsequently discovered that the even in question was wildly different from the account given and the magazine issued an apology. (False accusations of rape ruin lives, there is no doubt about that. But it has to be said that false accusations of rape are quite rare, when compared to the number of actual rapes committed/ This is why big national newspapers can report on false accusations made, but would never have anywhere near the time to report on individual rape cases - those that were reported anyway.)

Feminists and their ilk (nice bit of dehumanisation there) have successfully (i don't know any feminists who have successfully convinced a man hellbent on hating feminists and not listening to them to change their opinions actually) convinced the world that we live in a world defined by 'rape culture', a world where rape is everywhere and where false accusations, which are fairly prevalent are apparently not an issue (i don't know a single feminist personally that sees false accusations as 'not an issue', simply that it is not as large an issue as rape, and that fact is backed up by many, many statistics). The article was heartbreaking, hearing this guy talk about how devastated he was by this situation really hit home, and I understood that false accusations really are an issue, and that they are far more widespread than we would think.

I posted the guardian article because I wanted other people to understand like I had. I normally refrain from doing this, I don't like the idea of someone else speaking for me, posting something on your facebook account essentially gives you ownership of the sentiments expressed, you are expressing those views as your own, even if they were not written in you own words. The inherent problem with this is that it is impossible to agree 100% with anything that you read, there are always aspects that you will have qualms with. Promoting these views as your own is troubling, and is something that I have got into trouble with in the past, part of the reason I categorically no longer participate in facebook arguments is because people far too often post links to other websites, saying: 'well this is sort of what I think'. This perhaps shows how we are brainwashed into having no ideas of our own in modern culture, now we don't even paraphrase the ideas of others as our own, we just post a link. (because backing up opinions with professionally written factual articles or even professionally written opinion pieces nullifies the fact we have an opinion in the first place, duh, and I don't see how we have gone to talking exclusively about rape culture and false accusations to berating people for expressing their opinions using web articles?!)

This is something perhaps stems from academia, english and philosophy courses are based almost entirely on studying what other people have said or thought (well academia often encouraged you to draw your own conclusions after examining the theories of others and the facts but nvm). Students are encouraged to use plenty of quotes, and to analyse what other academics have said about a various topics, but what do YOU think? What do YOU think about the world we live in, the state of the middle east or the importance of feminism? Rather than quoting and reposting other peoples articles, original ideas are what is needed I order to change the world, and if you want to change the world, Facebook is perhaps not the best forum. (i would argue that social media is quite a powerful forum for discussion, debate and even activism. I've actually become sensitised to many problems that I didn't know existed before by reading about them on FB and talking to people affected by them)

An "anonymous" comment (Hi Matt or Dan) was then posted on the blog that said this:

"I did just write a huge speech about how one persons story is equal to another and how no crime should be proven with out evidence, even though a person is passionate about an issue, but i feel that it had lost all meaning. Due to fact multiple comments have been written in said time. Crime is bad full stop! Rape bad, murder bad, domestic violence bad! Parking like a twat bad! But me saying that something is bad is my opinion, I am entitled to that opinion, if I wanted to prove it to others i should have solid facts! Not just percentages that have been plucked from the air. Men and Women will never agree on how rape cases should be dealt with, should they be anonymous? Should everyone be presumed innocence until proven guilty? Should we side with the person with the most tears? But the matter of fact that your opinion is only just that your opinion, it does not mean anything to Philip. If you are truly angered at said problem then you should write to your local MP or MEP. Not a 20 year old journalism student who is only trying to express his views. Im not arguing if you are right or wrong, but purely that just because you are offended does not mean you're right. "

Translation: I am telling you you are wrong (just re-read that last sentence for me and tell me it says otherwise) and I feel threatened by your views because I haven't even bothered to respond to you directly or put a name to my comment. (come on dude, i'm not going to bite) Your claims are 'plucked from the air' because they are telling me something that makes me personally uncomfortable and I don't want to deal with it. I feel like you are blaming me personally for what you think. Your opinion is worthless and should not be aired because only the person who wrote this article can have an opinion, but when you comment on it in response, you're OPPRESSING HIS FREEDOM OF SPEECH (Don't see the logic here either!) I'm telling you to write to your MP because I'm bored of hearing your opinions on the internet (i'm bored of them because I don't agree with them, mainly) and they mean nothing to me for some reason (maybe because you're one of those annoying feminists that thinks life is so unfair to them)

Well guess what buddy? this is MY blog and I get to express MY sentiments, and I don't really care if that upsets you!

Don't try and tell a woman who has grown up in Brussels and has been sexually harassed in public from the age she hit puberty (and ask any other young women growing up in Brussels about their experiences) that a culture of sexual intimidation doesn't exist - because I've lived it, along with millions of other women. And denying our experiences is contributing to the problem of victim blaming culture.

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