A House Isn't A Home Without Stuff


Anyone who knows me IRL knows that my house is... not typical. In fact, it borders on one of those 'hoarders' houses you see on Channel 4 late at night, except everything is much prettier and we've only found a mouse skeleton ONCE. Our excuse is that we are a family of creative people, and that we like to surround ourselves with beautiful, interesting things because it improves our quality of life (which in many ways is just a euphemism for saying we're very materialistic, but you know...).

I thought it would be nice to show people what a house like our looks like - although sometimes I go mad trying to find things, and I stub my toe about 12 times a day on various objets d'art, I really love the fact that our house is pretty, messy and a bit like a museum. The photographs below are taken in my mother's study, she's a collage artist whose collection of Vogue could out-do the London College of Fashion's archive. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where my love of all things vintage comes from.. :)

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