The Internet Is Real


I think I get away with a lot on the internet. I probably swear more online than I do even around my own parents, and I like to read about and openly discuss issues such a politics, sex, and feminism online. I don't shy away from the controversial, but everything is a fairly measured response, and I always try and remember that everything I say online, on twitter, on this blog, is liable to be brought up in future by anyone and everyone.

I am aware that I have some very strong opinions - particularly on religion and religious violence. With these topics I am especially careful because:

1) I have some religious friends (those tolerant and lovely enough to see past my militant atheism)
2) Speaking ill of religion can get you into hot water.

I have decided that I can afford to be a bit more lax with what I write about online because I am not going to be seeking formal employment after I graduate, but I will be very concerned if my business fails and I have to go and re-evaluate all my social media channels. I will have to make them employer friendly. Not everyone is that lucky - many of my peers have started employee proofing their social networks, so I count my blessings.

Writing something online makes it no less tangible than if you said it in reality - quite the opposite. Everything online has a footprint and no company deletes anything indefinitely. One has to be able to rationally explain and defend what one writes online, or then not be bitter about a backlash when they can't or won't.

Being present and vocal online is an important part of many careers: journalism, marketing, PR, fashion, the arts etc. But there's a marked difference between quirkiness and being downright offensive: it's up to you to filter your blog to what you deem is appropriate and tasteful enough to be controversial but interesting, without crossing over into the ignorant.

To reiterate - the internet is real- and can be used against you just as much as it can work in your favour.

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