Mini Thrift Haul


Retail therapy is the best kind, and nowhere is retail therapy better than somewhere you can buy lots of things for very little money (= maximum satisfaction!). Luckily I have a very local charity shop which I can walk to, even whilst recovering from my operation, so I had a look this morning. My photos are not of fantastic quality and I have had much better hauls, but it cheered me up to get a few bargains anyway.


These were probably my bargain of the day. Dirk Bikkembergs is a luxury Belgian fashion brand, so as soon I saw the label on these I knew I had to get them. They're just comfy loose silk trousers with gold detailing, nothing that special in terms of design. What I didn't realise until later on was the original tags were still attached, I initially thought the €131 was the new price (which I was pretty pleased with) but this was their price ON SALE - the original price for these silky trousers was €525! So I should make a decent profit on them...

Costume National men's white shirt. I did think this was a women's piece as it was in the women's section, so I may sell on eBay instead of BuyMyWardrobe (which is the site I use for selling designer items). It's a pretty classic piece and again, nothing stand out, but these retail at about €500 so I should make a decent profit on this too!

This choker wasn't part of my buys this morning, but a gift from Mum (she deemed it "too tarty" for herself.. Should I be offended?) It just does up with velcro so it's pretty easy to wear, and it keeps my neck pleasantly warm. #coolerthanascarf

This was another gift from mum that I am convinced is responsible for my collapsed lung, as I only had it on a few hours before THE INCIDENT. Still it's a cute piece, I'm sure it came from the perfume 'Poppy' but it's quite a weighty piece, so decent quality even for a freebie!

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