Mini Thrift Haul & General Room Stuff


 <- Got this folder for 30c. I probably won't even used it but it makes a nice background for shooting jewellery on - ecommerce tipz.

-> I bought this Jean Patou display oversized perfume bottle last time I was home for 10 euros, which is a bargain because they go for quite stupid amounts on ebay, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. The great thing about being a photographer is that the excuse 'I might use that in a shoot one day' can be applied to almost anything!

<- This top though! So 2005 word art vibes. And I think they spelled 'Hawaiian' wrong which makes me love it even more. It's only nylon from Promod, probably from the early noughties, I haven't tried it on yet so I may resell it or keep it for myself because it's like a tacky postcard from paradise!

< - Nicked this Oilily shirt from my mum, because Oilily and papaya (??) print.

Also got this hilarious little thing for the Vintage pop up sale, it's a cat mirror guys.
Somebody better buy this and make someone's christmas.

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