9 Things People Who Live in London Are Tired of Seeing on Facebook


1. A photograph where you have made the background black and white, but kept the signature London phonebox bright red. Get this girl a Turner prize, stat!

2. The hashtag #LovingLondonLife.

3. Check in @ Oxford Circus!! With a picture of lots of shopping bags. Extra basic girl points for instagramming the Christmas lights with the caption 'Magical!'

4. Any photo of the London Underground Sign. It may be fun and somewhat iconic to you, to us it's a visual shortcut to being stuck in the armpit of a sweaty commuter every morning.

5. The late afternoon sun hitting Big Ben.

6. Trafalgar Square from any angle. And by the way, 8363564 dads already beat you to the 'Big Blue Cock in the Corner' joke. Pun intended.

7. The view from the Shard. Because we can't afford it. Because our rent is crazy high. About as high as the View from the Shard.

8. Just checked in at *this really quirky place in Shoreditch somewhere where the furniture is OLD and NEW but like all mixed up, and you can stroke tropical cacti while you wait for your quinoa and samphire gratin marinated in the souls of your deceased ancestors served on a taxidermy goat*

9. A picture of all your bargains from Primark. You see adorable multipacks of thongs in candy colours, we see itchy fashion detritus.

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